Links and more

On this page, you can find informations and hints to usefull sites about software development, C/C++ programming, and Windows NT. If you know some good URLs, please e-mail them to me.

C/C++ related Links

Wotsit's Format Need Information about a special file format? Look here!
Dot What!? Which app uses this extension? Look here!
C++ Libraries An overview over A LOT of free and commercial C++ libraries

NT-Win32/MFC/.NET related Links

Codeproject THE adress for MFC, VC++, .NET, C# and related stuff. Tons of excellent code and articles! (Of course, I also post my code and articles there :-)
Code-Guru Another good ressource for MFC/VC++ programming.
MVPS I Felix Kaasza provides a lot of code examples about how to program the "NT-Side" of the Win32 API. If you have to deal with things like security, RPC, NetApi and so on, this site is a first-choice!
MVPS II Chris Becke maintains the "GUI-Side" on MVPS. You are going to find a lot of information about shell, user32 and gdi32 programming there.
Sells Brothers Chris Sells provides consulting and training for .NET and contributes a lot of tips, tricks and excellent free tools for system and application programmers.
Undocumented Win95 Information about undocumented functions and features in Win95 and NT4.0
Device Tools "Software Tools, Silicon and Resources for the Connected Device Developers". This site is just cool! It provides tons of download links for specs, tools, compilers and libraries for the advanced device-driver developer.
NT Kernel-Mode Device Driver FAQ Do you have to program a driver for NT? Check this!
Jungo Jungo offers complete toolsets for advanced Windows/Linux driver development in C++.
Reliable Software A good site about programming software that works. It provides a lot of examples, background infos and so on.
Sockets Contains information and sample code about TCP/IP programming with WinSock
Windev The Windev community provides a great mailing list about Win32 coding in C/C++. Maintained by some of the most active members of the Windev mailing list this site contains a lot of stuff about programming, web development, Hardware, OS versions, and more.

Windows NT related Links (not only for programmer)

NT Workstation Site Contains a useful information and background about how to tune NT.
NT-Internals Background information and really good freeware tools for SysOps and system programmers.
The Cygwin Project Win32 ports of popular GNU development tools - really good!
Olaf Groegers homepage NT Mini-FAQ and the NT ReScan-SCSI Tool - quite usefull. Language: German