Known problems and bugs

This chapter describes most of the known bugs and problems with NetExec. If you have encountered a problem that is not described here or in the help file, please send an email to

NetExec 1.1 - 2.01

Problem: Run as... menu entry to start LocalExec does not appear in the Explorer context menu directly after installation of NetExec. After opening and closing the NetExec control panel applet it works.
Status: This is a bug in the NetExec shell extension. It has been fixed in NetExec 2.1.

NetExec 1.1 - 2.01 (Windows XP SP2)

Problem: Installation fails with an error message stating that "NEAppComp.dll" could not be loaded. Win+X Hotkeys are not working on NetExec-created desktops.
Status: This is a problem with the new Windows "Data Execution Protection" that has been introduced with Windows XP SP2 for newer AMD (Athlon 64, Opteron) and upcoming Intel CPUs. It has been fixed in NetExec 2.1.

NetExec 1.5x

Problem: "Api Error 0x6: Invalid Handle" if running a CustomClient.
On some versions of Windows 2000 Terminal Server/Windows XP, the above error message occurs if you try to run a CustomClient inside a Terminal Server Session.
Status: This is a bug in NEBase.dll of V1.51. It has been fixed in NetExec V1.51a.

Problem: Empty desktop after logging on at a Windows 2000 SP2 box.
On rare conditions it may happen, that after logging on at the Windows 2000 Logon screen, only an empty desktop appears. This may happen, if

  • A logon is performed at a Windows 2000 SP2 box, and
  • there are one or more desktop sessions running in the background. This is the case if a previous user has created a desktop that did not close automatically at primary logoff and therefore is still present.

Status: It seems that the Windows 2000 logon process (Winlogon.exe) forgets to switch to the "Default" desktop after performing the logon, if there are other desktops present, but leaves the user alone on the empty "Winlogon" desktop. This is obviously a bug in Windows 2000 SP 2, we are looking for a solution.

Workaround: You should either
  • Close all desktops before logging of or enable the "Close on logoff" option.
  • Run Deskman.exe from your Startup folder. If Deskman is running, you can use the Alt+F12 hotkey (changeble in the NetExec control panel applet) to switch to the default desktop.

NetExec 1.45

Problem: On some Windows 2000 system Deskman accidently detects a crash of the shell process if the machines awakes from suspension or hibernation.
Status: This is a bug in the Windows 2000 shell. It seems to have been fixed in Windows XP. NetExec V1.5 contains a workaround.

Problem: On Windows XP and Windows 2000 Terminal Server, Desktop-Manager always showes an additional empty desktop named "Disconnect".
Status: This desktop is used internally by terminal services. Desktop-Manager 1.5 now ignores this desktop.

NetExec 1.33/1.34

Problem: On Windows 2000 and NT4 with ActiveDesktop (InternetExplorer 4.0 and above) there is a problem after closing a desktop session. The buttons on the taskbar do not work properly and minimized windows are located above it.
Status: This is a bug in the Internet Explorer shell. NetExec V1.34a contains a workaround for this problem.

Problem: Deskman crashes if you run it with command line options.
Status: This is a bug in NetExec V1.33. Fixed in V1.33a.

Problem: If started with command line options, the Deskman-Window always appears on the Default-Desktop (instead of appearing on the current Input-Desktop).
Status: This is a bug in NetExec V1.3 - 1.33. Fixed in V1.33a.

NetExec 1.2/1.3

Problem: If you press Ctrl+ESC on an addition desktop session to open the start menu, it is not opened. Instead the start menu is opened on the default desktop.
Status: Windows is a really confusing one. Pressing Ctrl+ESC should generate the same virtual key value as pressing the Windows - Key. But it seems that this is caught globally and always passed to the explorer.exe process created by winlogon.exe. Note that this is not a NetExec bug or problem.
Workaround: Buy a new keyboard. And do not get frustrated if you make a lot of typing mistakes afterwards ;-)

Problem: If you use the MS-Client for Novell, it is not possible to run a program vial NetExec, that resides on a Novell share.
Status: This seems to be a problem in the MS-Client for Netware.
Workaround: Use the Novell-Client for Netware. However, this can bring some other problems. Another solution is to run the program indirect via CMD.EXE:
cmd.exe /C "\\Novell-Share\program.exe param1 param2"

Problem: Network connections to Novell/Samba servers cannot be used by multiple sessions simultaneously.
Status: This behavior is part of the MS client for Netware.
Workaround: Use the Novell client for Netware. For Samba servers upgrade to version 2.0 which solves this problem.

Problem: Itís not possible to create a network connection with LocalExec to a Novell-Server.
Status: This problem is part of some older versions of the Novell client for Netware. Even with net use it is not possible to create a network mapping from within another session.
Workaround: Use the MS client for Netware.

Problem: After closing a session, a explorer window is opened on the default desktop.
Status: The reason for this is the AutoRestatShell "feature" of Winlogon.exe. If the explorer.exe process crashes abnormal, Winlogon restarts it. But it seems that Winlogon do not just watch the explorer.exe process started by itself, it watches everyone. So if an additional session is closed, Winlogon detects an "abnormal termination" of explorer.exe and restarts it, which results in a new explorer Window on the Default desktop.
Workaround: Disable the "feature" setting the registry value AutoRestartShell under the key
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon to 0.

Problem: It is not possible to give the desktops different background colors or pictures.
Status: Desktop appearance is used global in NT, so this is a missing feature of NT.